GET A LIFE! Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit Christian association for the promotion of optimal spiritual, emotional, and physical health according to Biblical principles.  It serves the public and newly forming and existing churches.


On a public level, GET A LIFE! Foundation is organized to interface with the public without prejudice towards religious backgrounds.  The unique name was strategically chosen because of the colloquial popularity of the phrase, “GET A LIFE!”  This expression can be heard in almost every setting within our society.  It is usually directed toward someone who is overworked, over-stressed, and therefore overbearing in matters deemed by a friend or co-worker to be trivial and unimportant. Usually it is blurted out when that friend has reached their limit of tolerance for being the brunt of the friend’s stress.  We at GET A LIFE! Foundation wish to take a new spin on that phrase.  We want to help people know how to get a real life – a life of enduring satisfaction and peace with God.


For existing churches, GET A LIFE! Foundation is organized to help church members “GET A LIFE!” of more meaningful prayer and a more involved, devoted discipleship to Jesus.  We believe this can occur on both a personal level and on a church-wide level by means of setting up a healthy small group infrastructure which includes the critical, often overlooked component of outreach.


For the newly forming church, GET A LIFE! Foundation can be the forum for sponsoring various public education/outreach events through GET A LIFE! Seminars.  It also offers to be of assistance in getting the new church off to a healthy start by developing healthy small group structure as a part of its “DNA”.

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